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Beeswax analysis

We carry out all analyzes of the current regulations such as Ph.Eur., USP, JECFA etc. We are happy to offer you advice or support in choosing the analyzes you need!

Our beeswax analysis services at a glance including the current analysis price list
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General information

Information on beeswax, beeswax adulteration, and varroacid and pesticide residues. More information about varroacide and pesticide residues in beeswax can be found here.e hier.

Pure beeswax is not only essential for the production of dividing walls for beekeeping, it is also a popular natural product for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Since the demand and thus the prices have been rising steadily for years, the problem of wax adulteration is also increasing. Here, cheap substances such as paraffin, stearin, fat or synthetic esters are added to the pure beeswax. However, low-melting paraffin or stearin in particular can change the material properties of beeswax, so that there are massive problems with center walls made of contaminated beeswax. Pure beeswax without any external additives is also essential in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries in order to meet quality and legal requirements.

CERALYSE recommends a combination of gas chromatography (“GC fingerprint”) and determination of the total hydrocarbons by means of column chromatography in addition to the usual examination methods according to e.g. Ph. Eur. Using gas chromatography, almost all external additives in beeswax (and also in other waxes) can be recorded qualitatively. By determining the total hydrocarbons, the adulteration of the wax with e.g. paraffin can then be quantified. We recommend this combination in particular to beekeepers, middle wall manufacturers and other wax processing companies who need a quick and precise assessment of the quality of the beeswax used.